IATM Corporate Agile Approach

Based on the experiences, knowledge and thought leadership of Wemanity, we crafted a proven successful way to make agile transformations happen: Integrated Agile Transformation Model (IATM). When we look at agile transformations in a corporate, we see that traditionally these initiatives are been started on a localized and departmental level. This means that we have the opportunity to extend the benefits of the Agile transformation to corporate level.

By using the IATM with a Corporate Agile Approach, this can be addressed as a iteration called “Waves” within IATM. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the Wemanity Agile Coaches in scaling Agile, we adapt our Integrated Agile Transformation for a Corporate Agile wave.

A core strength of IATM is that it fully supports Agnostic Agile, meaning being neutral in its approach, supporting any scaling framework and maximizing the value for your organization by matching and customizing accordingly.

Corporate Agile IATM wave

The Corporate Agile Model

The IATM Corporate Agile approach have defined some specific completion and objectives of the steps in the model

Assessment and Foundations

  • Address need for Corporate Agile. Define & train transformation team
  • Define transformation backlog, framework, value streams & implementation plan


  • Preparation 1st Corporate Agile Wave.
  • Identify roles & teams and train for common language.
  • Rituals for creating program backlog


  • Focus on program level rituals and feedback
  • Start up Corporate Agile communities


  • Program role refinement & individual feedback
  • Refinement program focus areas

Hand over

  • Hand over to coached and trained roles
  • Refine implementation plan and prepare next wave

Result and Impact

  • Increased product & service Quality
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Doing First Time Right
  • Happy & engaged employees
  • Alignment organisational & team goals

Corporate Agile creates early feedback and interaction across the organisation, resulting in cost reduction, improved quality, faster delivery and higher customer satisfaction

Focus Areas

Whatever Focus Area is required for a full transformation, such as Agile Scaling, Leadership, Culture, the Corporate Agile IATM wave adopt these topics in the model:

  • Value Driven; all members of the organisation think in terms of (customer) value
  • Culture; Embody Agile mind-set in the whole organisation
  • Leadership; up to C-level endorse the mind-set change, exhibit example behaviour; encourage decentralised decisions, facilitate transformation and reduce interferences
  • Team & Individual ownership; everyone can take responsibility and organise any change relevant for value creation
  • Stable cross functional teams to enhance value delivery and ownership through the right competencies and responsibility for products / services
  • Communication Structure; enable teams and professionals to have face-to-face interaction and remove hierarchical layers and silos
  • Engineering practices; CI/CD, Test Automation, DevOps, Agile Architecture etc, for faster time to market and increased quality

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