Danny Higler Agile Coach

Danny is an experienced agile practitioner with a solid technical background. Starting in 2000 as web-developer he fulfilled various technical and coaching roles since then. With his hands-on knowledge on eXtreme Programming ,scrum, Agile Portfolio Management and his experience as entrepreneur Danny decided to focus his career on helping others to achieve predictable results in both software and other industries. As an engineer he is passionate about codebase quality, continuously testing and deploying working solutions (CI/CD),. With his entrepreneur mindset he challenges the business and loves to focus on Portfolio and release management. And finally as a trainer and coach Danny has a passion for people, interactions between them and the impact of (agile) technical improvements.

Sandra van Scheppingen Agile Coach

To support people to do it themselves, that is my inner drive as Agile Coach. Stimulating teams to improve collaboration, quality and throughput time, I ensure everybody understands that communication is key when it comes to agility. To get them where they need to be, I use ‘feedforward’ (⇔feedback), openness and humor. My motto is to assume good will; I will always start my interventions from there.

Marc Nieman Agile Coach

It's my belief that an Agile mindset is the first and foremost prerequisite for survival in today's business environment! Because whether we call it Agile mindset, DNA or metabolism; in the end it's all about culture. Since we all know; Culture eats strategy for breakfast (and lunch and dinner). An Agile mindset builds and sustains a culture (backbone) to successfully transform into a customer experience driven organization leveraging technology, data and human creativity. I help individuals, teams and companies to build and strengthen their Agile mindset: supporting change in behaviour, communication, collaboration and CULTURE! I apply my optimism, energy, experience and passion for Agile in training and coaching teams and professionals enterprise wide; since Agile is for all disciplines, IT, marketing, sales, HR, finance and Management.

Patrick Belgareh Agile Coach

During my 20+ years in IT environments in several consultancy roles and project management, we did a good job if we met criteria on budget, time and quality. But did we really? I always had the feeling something was missing. The Agile mindset filled that gap for me. I really enjoy it when people achieve results they never thought about or that seemed too far reached. I like creating a save, open and transparent environment where people can take their responsibilities and work together to achieve the best result for that time. Always keeping the Agile Manifesto in mind.

Maarten Tomassen Agile Coach

As a musician, I found my 'groove' …. As a professional coach I will help you find yours. The sound of a penny dropping is what I aim for. Visualization is one of the instruments I use to achieve that. I stir things up, and bring out the best in people and the company. Getting results in an efficient but mostly fun way is what I value. Together we strive to get the maximum result, and doing so, we will enjoy the journey. The things I do, I do them my own way: with passion and inspiration! Anyhow, that was me.. Who are you? And how can I help YOU?

Arie van Bennekum Thought Leader

Arie is a pragmatic who embeds his pragmatism in structure, discipline and common sense. This eventually led to being one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto and expert in the area of Agile Project Management, team facilitation, Agile techniques and user involvement. Believing in his team, facilitating them to reach their best combined with end user involvement have his focus when he speaks, presents, demonstrates and lectures about Agility. Today, as Wemanity's Thought Leader, Arie focusses his energy on leading big Agile transformations for big international corporates and researching better ways of integrating Agile. Arie is also Chair of the Agile Consortium International, lecturer at universities and keynote speaker at conferences.

Hanno Verloove Agile Coach

The positive impact of the Agile way of working on the fun and motivation of the people surprises me again and again. At first there is disbelief, sometimes denial, and then slowly but surely change starts to happen, eyes start to twinkle and teams start to grow. Seeing that happening during training, in the transition process or in personal coaching is what drives me, getting people, teams and companies to their full potential. That is what I do every day and I truly love it.

Hans Gremmen Agile Coach

Making connections, that’s what it’s all about! I love to connect people, knowledge, experiences, teams, ambitions and goals. Because Agile is about interaction in every possible dimension. And that drives me in what I do every single day as an agile coach. When I am at the gemba I help teams to visualize the product delivered to the end user, or even better, the emotion of a happy customer. An inspiring target condition that acts as a glue for the team. And I like to reflect with individual professionals on what they do, why they do what they do and what their ambition is.

Ingrid Drouen Agile Coach

During my 20 years in IT I have seen too many unhappy, grumpy people making each other's lives even more difficult. 5 years ago I met Arie van Bennekum and I was trained in the Agile way of working. Finally there was an answer to all problems in IT - the Agile Manifesto and its supporting methods - and it worked! The manifesto provides a platform to start the dialogue with all people involved, outside IT departments as well. And it also supports the conversation about adding value, delivering results and responsibilities. As an Agile Coach I gladly support people and organizations in discovering the benefits of collaboration and communication, guiding them towards a better working environment.

Aart-Jan Eenkhoorn Agile Coach

Rose Noordzij Agile Coach

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