The benefits of working Agile in one sentence would be; “Knowing what we deliver, Transparency when we deliver and delivering together.

Robert BOSCH GmbH, Business Unit Breaking Assistance, had clear objectives on which they wanted to improve the performance of their way of working. They wanted to speed up their delivery, in order to have more time for innovation. Also they wanted to improve the transparency in their workflow, break down knowledge silo’s and prioritize the workload in a structured manner. “We work in a highly technical and competitive market, bidding against competitors who sometimes are greenfield technical startups. We have the advantage of having a great reputation and established production line, but we feel the pressure to be more innovative”, says Timo Divivier.

“Supported by Wemanity’s Agile coaches we chose for power coaching on the subjects that hindered us most. We have made progress in knowing what we deliver, and we mostly deliver incrementally. Also we’ve identified knowledge silo’s and broke them down. We are pairing now and have focus on resolving our technical dept.  The collaboration amongst teams is higher, which has a positive effect on the teams as well.”

Facilitating the discussion

The biggest impediment we are facing right now is solving the technical debt of a team with several specialties. It’s visible that the lack of technical skills needed is slowing the team down. But I’m sure that with the right focus we will be able to get the team up to speed.

What helped us most in our progress was transparency and the implementation of the Agile rituals. It took a while before the teams and the stakeholders were in the rituals together.

But now that we are, it’s obvious that the discussion that we have helps us focus on our goals and deliver value. The Wemanity coaches helped us by facilitating the implementation of the rituals and giving us insight on the technical debt and transparency in our project portfolio and setting the right priorities.

-Timo Divivier, Teamlead Data-Driven Technical Optimization at Robert BOSCH GmbH talks about BOSCH’s business unit Breaking Assistance transition to Agile.

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