Delta made the connection!

Ab Postma is the IT Manager of Delta Retail. “I’m proud of the way we are changing our organization and the way everybody is embracing this change. Eatch day we grow in our mindset and that delivers value to our customers.”

Delta Retail understands the need to focus on customer value, and to deliver relevant services and products faster, in order to secure a successfull future. Ab Postma, manager ICT Delta Retail, is convinced that working Agile creates a culture throughout the whole organisation that is enabling all teams / employees to work from a true customer focussed perspective. “Supported by Wemanity’s Arie van Bennekum and Rose Noordzij the Delta Retail management team agreed end of 2015 to transform the entire organisation in 2016. Since the start of this process on February 1 we’ve gone through a steep learning curve, reaching results that fundamentally impact the way we work for our customers. This applies to Management (Agile leadership) and solution teams, supported by the Wemanity team of coaches working with multi disciplinairy teams involving IT, HR, Finance, Marketing & Communications.

We couldn’t have travelled so fast over the past 6 months without Wemanity serving as an accelerator in our journey to learn, optimise and deliver more customer value.

The rapid success is based on our mutual willingness to learn and change, the belief within senior management and the close cooperation and open communication between Delta and Wemanity.

Having adopted Agile in everything we do on a daily basis we’re now moving into the next phase: Integrated Agile portfolio management for 2016/2017

I’m proud of the journey we’ve undertaken as a company sofar and I’m confident more great results will be achieved with the support of Wemanity, my mark for them is a 9!”

-Ab Postma, Manager ICT Delta Retail

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