The benefits of working Agile in one sentence would be; collaboration with our customers.

Metro Systems GMBH had experience with the Agile way of working before Arie van Bennekum and his team started the Agile transformation of Metro Systems. “Some teams had more experience than others and most of our vendors work Agile, but there was no integration of our way of working”, says Juergen Boekholt, Managing Director – ‎Internet and Informatio
n technology at Metro Systems. “Our software developers couldn’t meet the wishes of the (internal) customers, and we were perceived as being slow. What counts is the perception of the customer in speed, quality and delivery. From functionality perspective we did not meet the needs of our customers.”
Supported by Wemanity’s Arie van Bennekum we chose for an enterprise transition to Agile. We improved to customer expectations. Which is a great result!

Paradigm shift

The most difficult aspect of any transformation is the change process. Solving impediments in a changing working environment is complex. “It’s one thing to follow the rituals and the theory of Agile, but it’s a complete mindshift to start thinking in an Agile manner. Arie has helped us to speak the same language and together we have aligned Agile roles. Now our foundations are the same for the entire enterprise and collaboration is high.”“Up to this day we are learning. As a management team we have our own rituals, and we are critical towards each other in behavior. Continuous learning and continuous development helps us. We visualize our solutions and we have Retrospectives on our own process.

And I hope we keep learning, so we can maximize our value.

-Juergen Boekholt, Managing Director – ‎Internet and Information technology at Metro Systems talks about Metro’s enterprise transition to Agile.

Do you know these moments when you are happy, satisfied and proud for how the things are evolving and change the people around you? This is how I’m feeling right now and I would like to Big Thank Ingrid for make it possible.

The Power Coaching initiative for the Agile Transformation of the DevOps MMS HO teams come at the perfect time and with the perfect coach. Ingrid has a special power to connect and open up people, inspire them to take actions when they feel that a change is needed instead of waiting that someone else will do it for them.

Ingrid prepared and facilitate a very good workshop with the POs, most of them being on-site, intensive days but with a great outcome: commitment and trust within the team. All the participants appreciated very much. The most important for us is to follow-up on the actions we defined and search for new opportunities.

I already see the need to have a retrospective together with Ingrid after some time, after we experience and put in practice all the learnings. I will make this proposal to the sponsors and come to you to align on a concrete request.

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