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Privacy Policy Wemanity
Through this Policy Wemanity wants to inform you on its Privacy policy and on the way we threat
your personal data. Wemanity is responsible for safe guarding and processing your data. These
responsibilities are mentioned in below document. Wemanity repects your privacy and will
comply to Dutch and International regarding your personal data.

Which data is processed?

Wemanity processes your personal data or data we receive from your employer. The data we
process is data regarding your application to a training, requests for leaflets, subscribing to the
Wemanity newsletter or any other way you contact us. We collect and process personal data like
Name, Address and other contact data, data concerning the training you apply for, payment data,
your feedback on the training and other data you share with us. We also collect and process data
regarding your attendance of the course and possible results of your tests/exams with respect to
the training.

For which purpose is your data being processed?
Wemanity uses your personal data for the following purposes:

● The registration and administration of your participation of the training;
● The arranging you the training you have selected;
● To perform analyses to improve our services;
● To send you our newsletter and brochures;
● To be able to send you your requests for information, and
● To comply with laws and regulations that apply to Wemanity.
Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by our
website. These cookies enable us to track the way you use our website. We use this data to
improve our website. These cookies are automatically removed when you end your internet
browser session. You can set the preferences of your internet browser so that it warns you when
cookies are being placed. You can also block the use of cookies by any website, through the
preference settings. When you do this, the website might not function optimally.

Cookies and Marketing
Cookie Law Info
● Purpose: this plugin gives you the ability to accept or refuse our privacy policy. When you
accept the cookie, you accept the privacy policy of Wemanity Netherlands.
● The website manager can add details to the Cookie so that the user gets more detailed
● Take a look at the website of GDPR Cookie Consent

Google Analytics
● Purpose: The Google Analytics-cookie keeps track of the use of the website by the user.
This information is used to create reports for Wemanity and to offer other services with
regard to the use of the internet.
● This cookie is designed and maintained by Google, is automatically removed after two
● Google doesn’t share anonymous date with third parties (excl third parties that process data
on behalf of Google) Take a look at the Google Privacy Statement.
Security and storage of data
Your personal data is secured against misuse and unauthorized use by others using the regular
security protocols. Wemanity stores your personal data as long as necessary for the purposes as
described above, or for as long as the law allows. Wemanity may store the personal data longer
if circumstances make it necessary.

Insight, correction and removal
You have the right to see your personal data we store, to correct them or to have them removed.
At your request we can send you your data. You can then decide what you want to change or if
you want it removed.

Changes tot he Policy

Wemanity can change this policy. We advise you to read the policy regularly so you are aware of
the changes we apply. This policy created on May 23rd 2018.

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