Agile Marketing

As marketing professional, I want to understand how an Agile mindset (way of working) contributes to delivering a better customer experience so that my (marketing) organization can better serve its (prospective) clients.

Agile is quickly gaining ground outside of the IT domain; it’s a mindset that enables organizations to better respond to disruptive market & technology conditions and ever changing customer expectations.


Target Audience

This training is for marketing / business professionals that:

  • Have no or limited knowledge around agile, and want to learn more
  • Believe a closer cooperation between marketing and IT is needed to deliver a great CX
  • Want to drive a better customer experience throughout the organization
  • Are looking for a practical approach to start a change in their way of working

What will you learn?

After this 1 day training you’ll:

  • Understand what agile really is and why an agile mindset is a key to future success for your whole organization.
  • Know how the agile values and principles are the backbone of delivering great customer experiences.
  • How you can take the lead in creating a culture shift in your team(s); working in a mindset of continuous learning and improvement with a focus on customer value
  • Have an overview of tangible methodologies you can use.
  • Have hands on experience in applying one of the most often used agile methodologies (Scrum).
  • Have a tangible plan how to get started with your (first) agile project or program
  • Be able to define multi-disciplinary team(s) based on customer journeys / organizational needs


  • Why Agile has added value for marketing organizations/teams/professionals
  • What are the most commonly used methods
  • What does Agile in a marketing environment look like in the day-to-day practice


  • Agile & Marketing
  • How to start: build a plan
  • Scrum: how does it work, Game

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Marc Nieman believes that an Agile mindset is the first and foremost prerequisite for survival in today’s business environment. Because whether we call it Agile mindset, DNA or metabolism; in the end it’s all about culture. And since we all know: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (and lunch and dinner).

An Agile mindset builds and sustains a culture (backbone) to successfully transform into a customer and experience driven organization, leveraging technology, data and human creativity.

Marc helps individuals, teams and companies to build and strengthen their Agile mindset: supporting change in behaviour, communication, collaboration and culture.

He applies optimism, energy, experience and passion for Agile in training and coaching teams, as well as coaching professionals enterprise wide. Marc has specialised within the marketing domain, believing Agile is usable in every domain: IT, marketing, sales, HR, finance and Management.



  • Price: € 750 excl VAT
  • Language: English or Dutch
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Facilities: Training includes slides, lunch, coffee, tea and drinks

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